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Belfast mum's tears as she reveals why she killed her youngest son

By Ashleigh McDonald

A mum-of-two wept in court as details emerged of how she killed her youngest son whilst in the depths of despair that she had given him "bad genes."

On Friday Belfast Crown Court heard that the Belfast woman felt she had no other option but to kill the five-month old and possibly herself and her other son.

The 32-year old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had originally been charged with murder, but a prosecuting Qc, Ciaran Muphry, said that all medical and legal experts agreed that the appropriate charge was one of infantide, which has been accepted.

Mr Murphy also told Mr Justice Treacy that it was also accepted that in such cases, the appropriate sentence was one of probation, a community-based sentence coupled with continued mental health treatment.

Defence QC Sean Doran described it is a "very sad case in which a caring young mother was driven to do something unthinkable due to a depressive episode."

Mr Doran said that "she has lost her child, she has lost her family and faces the very great challenge of rebuilding her life in the aftermath of these criminal proceedings.

Mr Justice Treacy said he wished to review the case before passing the ultimate sentence this month.

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