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Belfast nightclub Kremlin set for B.Y.O.B night

By Michael Sheils McNamee

A Belfast venue is running a night where patrons are allowed to bring their own alcohol.

The Kremlin nightclub, based in the Donegall Street area, trialled the promotion last month and now plan to run it as a semi-regular event - with it running for a second time on Tuesday.

While attendees are allowed to bring their own booze, a strict set of rules are in place.

Club-goers will be limited in the amount of alcohol they are allowed to bring in, all drinks must be poured into plastic cups, no alcohol may be permitted to leave the club and there is to be no consumption of alcohol in the street or surrounding area.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, the Kremlin's owner Anthea Wilson said the fact it is "notorious for being strict" helps to ensure the night is kept under control.

When it ran in September, Ms Wilson said attendance was around 550 - nearly triple the 200 expected on a normal Tuesday night.

She explained that part of the reason behind the marketing was the night's "gimmick" value.

"The Kremlin always try and do different things that nobody else does which is probably why we have been so successful over the years," she said.

"We’re always the first to do everything and get a lot more entertainment than everybody else. I kind of thought it has a controversial advertising slant on it and it has turned out like that.

"People’s perception of it is ‘oh, terrible’ - but whenever you actually look at the details of it, it’s probably a lot more controlled than your ordinary night would be."

When the night ran in September Ms Wilson said, despite the strict rules in place, no one had alcohol confiscated from them or were removed for being too drunk.

The rules patrons attending the B.Y.O.B night must abide by / Credit: Kremlin

Owner Wilson said it was also an opportunity to promote greater integration, with the Kremlin traditionally considered a gay venue.

"We have never got a Fresher’s crowd or anything like that," she said.

"Whereas now, this is integrating the students with the gay community. It is making it a lot safer, a lot more integrated. And it is allowing it to be less homophobic in the area. That is the way things are moving anyways."

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