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Belfast police dog Jake and handler hailed after saving life of vulnerable girl

By Chris McCullough

Police officers and a canine unit have been praised after they saved a young girl from a suicide attempt.

A PSNI officer and his police dog Jake saved the life of the vulnerable girl in Belfast on Saturday night.

Police dogs may suffer the reputation of being fierce, but Jake certainly showed his gentler side when he came to the rescue of the girl.

Jake and his handler were responding to reports of a missing person in Belfast on Saturday night.

They were working with a PSNI helicopter - but it was eagle-eyed Jake who found the missing female.

The girl appeared to have attempted to take her own life but thanks to the efforts of the officer and Jake, they found her before it was too late.

An officer quickly administered CPR.

The girl was rushed to hospital where she is reported to be recovering well from her ordeal.

Hundreds of people took to the PSNI Facebook page to commend the officers and Jake for their efforts in saving the girl.

Lisburn DUP councillor Jonathan Craig said: "I find it reassuring that the PSNI found the individual on time.

"Obviously they may have saved her life which is good news because for a number of years the PSNI were heavily criticised for not responding promptly to missing persons.

"There was a change in procedures and they have followed these so lessons have been learned which is good to see and now this person has a second chance at life."

The PSNI on Facebook said: "Well done to PD Jake and his handler.

"Anyone who is feeling vulnerable or in need of help is reminded of support and assistance that is available from a number of organisations and charities such as Lifeline, Samaritans and PIPs."

  • If you are in need of help, you can contact Lifeline on 0808 8088 000, or the Samaritans on 028 9066 4422, email, text 07725 909090 or alternatively visit

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