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Belfast police hunt for cow by torchlight

By Suzanne Breen

Never mind killer clowns - the PSNI was last night searching the Lagan towpath in Belfast for a roaming cow.

Following reports of the animal on the loose along the banks of the Lagan, officers armed with torches combed the river walkway looking for the creature - in the moonlight.

The beauty spot is bordered by farmland and it is believed that an animal escaped from a field and wandered onto the popular towpath.

Late evening walkers were surprised to see police on the beat along the normally peaceful beauty spot.

But they were even more shocked when officers asked if they had seen a cow.

A Belfast father of two, who was out for a late evening stroll with his partner and children, said the PSNI officers were very keen to locate the animal.

"I was walking with my family on the stretch of the towpath between the lock-keeper's cottage and Cutters' Wharf when we spotted two police officers in the distance, about 8pm," the eyewitness said. "They were shining their torches along the river bank.

"When we reached them, the male officer asked us if we had seen a cow.

"They said they had reports that the animal was wandering along the towpath. We told them that we hadn't seen it.

"I think they were also using their torches to look on the ground for cow dung which would show them that they were on the right trail."

The man said the officers left the towpath without finding the animal.

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