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Belfast pub's 'all you can drink' promotion ‘borne of necessity’

A Belfast city centre bar manager has called for the establishment of a licensing committee that is solely responsible for pubs.

John Sherry, who runs the Library Bar, has also requested a meeting with Northern Ireland’s Social Development Minister after plans to crackdown on cut-price alcohol were announced.

Mr Sherry, who is behind a forthcoming ‘all you can drink’ promotion in September, said he would like to discuss a number of points with Alex Attwood.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph last night, Mr Sherry said his promotion was borne of economic necessity. ”I’m just trying to attract people back with a good offer — and I’m trying to keep those who work for me in jobs.”

He added: “Our promotion will be strictly controlled. We will double our door staff and there will be experienced servers behind the bar. No-one is going to be able to down 20 shots, for example.”

Mr Sherry added: “I want a level playing field. I am tired of rule-breakers and those who open illegally because it’s the honest publicans trying to keep people in jobs who are suffering.”

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