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Belfast restaurant Flicks to confirm whether it will contest charges over major E.Coli outbreak

Flicks Restaurant, Yorkgate Belfast
Flicks Restaurant, Yorkgate Belfast
Flicks Restaurant - Cityside Mall Yorkgate
Flicks Restaurant, Yorkgate Belfast.

Restaurant bosses are to confirm next month whether they will be contesting charges linked to a major E.coli outbreak in Belfast.

A court case against Michael McAdam and Gabrielle Tolan over food poisoning allegedly associated with Flicks eatery was adjourned today to allow completion of a food hygiene report.

Belfast City Council brought charges following an investigation into diners being struck down after eating at the restaurant in Cityside Mall, York Street nearly two years ago.

Up to 170 people were believed to have contracted E.coli linked to Flicks, which voluntarily closed its doors at the time.

Allegations of failing to comply with food hygiene regulations have been brought against Mr McAdam and Ms Tolan as restaurateur and operator.

A case is also being pursued against Movie House Cinema Ltd as the owner of the restaurant. Charges against it include:

:: Having no materials for cleaning or hygienically drying hands in the staff toilets and service area wash hand basin.

:: Failing to keep staff toilets clean.

:: Failing to ensure cooked and ready-to-eat food was not protected at all stages of production, processing and distribution against contamination with E.coli O157 likely to render the food unfit for human consumption.

:: Having no soap in a preparation area wash hand basin.

:: Kept chopped flat leaf parsley at a room temperature likely to support the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms or the formation of toxics.

All of the alleged offences were committed between June and October 2012.

A lawyer for the City Council told Belfast Magistrates' Court today that a food hygiene expert has still to finalise a report for the case.

The judge agreed to further adjourn proceedings until June 24.

At that stage the defendants are expected to indicate their attitude to the charges against them.

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