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Belfast restaurant Top Blade slammed for posting image of woman’s underwear on social media


Top Blade restaurant in Belfast. Credit: Google maps

Top Blade restaurant in Belfast. Credit: Google maps

Top Blade restaurant in Belfast. Credit: Google maps

A Belfast steakhouse has been slammed after posting an image of a lace thong on their Facebook page appealing for the owner to come forward and collect their ‘lost property’ after it was supposedly discovered under one of their tables on Sunday evening.

Described as “Belfast’s finest dedicated steakhouse”, Top Blade, located on St Anne’s Square, posted a photograph of the underwear on their Facebook page and in a matter of hours has already received over 4,000 likes, 5,000 comments and over 900 shares.

The post read: “To the person sitting on table 17 tonight in the restaurant can you please come back and collect your lost property.

“They where [sic] found on the floor under your table.

“#restaurantlife#mental#hilarious menus all binned after every customer anyhow.”

A number of comments poked fun at the post, with one person saying: “Must of been trying to say the food was a load of pants.”

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One joker said: “Liked and shared- although I never win these competitions” and another commented: “Someone musta got the 100 quid voucher in the post and went to Primark and bought that many knickers they've enough to throw away.”

Others, however, accused the restaurant of being unprofessional after “shaming” the owner of the thong to thousands of people.

One comment read: “Top Blade Belfast this is a disgraceful post. I'm so disgusted that a business would shame a customer like this.

“Do you know how many women carry spare underwear in their bags? And these could've fallen out? If you seen something going on at the table then by all means go and speak to the people and ask them to leave but a pair of underwear found anywhere is no proof of anything. Another example of how women get shamed in the public domain.”

Other people claimed the image was just a publicity stunt by the eatery.

“As somebody who has done digital marketing courses I can say without doubt that this is an obvious publicity stunt, timed perfectly to coincide with the voucher scheme… if you found someone’s pants would you really lift them, straighten them out and put them on a table for a picture or would you put gloves on and bin them straight away?” one commenter said.

Another said: “Top marks to you all at Top Blade. Great marketing tool. You nearly had us all fooled.”

Top Blade were contacted for comment but had not replied at the time of going to print.

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