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Belfast robbers fire Taser in chemist raid

A man was shot with a stun gun after armed robbers held up a pharmacy in south Belfast.

Thieves burst into the Oriel Pharmacy on the Ormeau Road at around 1pm yesterday where they threatened staff before making off with a quantity of diazepam and a red cash box.

One male worker was shot by the attackers, suffering a minor electric shock from a low-level Taser-type weapon.

Police said the two men involved in the incident may have escaped in a blue vehicle some distance away from the shop.

A distressed member of staff at the pharmacy said: “We are all OK and just trying to get things back to normal.”

Richard Barrett, the owner of McCormick’s greengrocer on the Ormeau Road, said business owners in the area were “shocked” after what had happened.

“It was two guys in hooded tops who did it, and I heard they held the Taser to one of the assistant’s faces.

He added: “It has shocked the community. Normally this is a quiet enough area. We’ve had wee spats of silly robberies around here but nothing of this scale or violence before.”

SDLP councillor Pat McCarthy condemned the attackers for their use of a dangerous weapon, saying that they should be put away for a long time.

“There is too much of this happening at the moment, people thinking they have the right to rob people who have done an honest day’s work. I hope they get the punishment they deserve.

“How did they get their hands on a Taser anyway? How do these criminals have access to firearms? This is the first time I’ve heard of a Taser being used. It’s a very dangerous, potentially lethal weapon.”

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