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Belfast salon owner stands by cheeky poster: 'It's mainly older women complaining'

By Kirsten Elder

The owner of Jay’s Male Grooming Salon has found himself in the local spotlight after his cheeky advertising poster received complaints.

Jay Millar placed a sign outside his business on Bloomfield Avenue in Belfast two weeks ago.

The image on the poster is a ladies bottom with nothing more than a skimpy pair of knickers with the name of the east Belfast male grooming business on her skin.

Owner Jay Millar has had some complaints from passers by and locals in the area over the explicit image outside his shop.

Jay Millar said: “I had no idea this would happen, there are a lot of other business with worse signs, it has been mainly older women complaining about it.”

He added: “I stand by my poster and I have no plans to take it down, I only put it up to advertise my business.”

“I have found that my shop is a lot busier since the poster has gone up”, he said.

The poster is close to St Donard's Church of Ireland, which is opposite Jay’s Male Grooming shop.

Rev Ken Higgins said: "It's a bit racy to be quite honest.”

He added: "It is not very tasteful, and I feel it demeans women, suggesting that women are simply sexual objects. A woman is there is to be loved and cared for, the body is part of that but not everything."

In response to Rev Ken Higgins comments, owner Jay Millar said: “I would like to invite Rev Ken into the shop for a chat over a cup of tea and I offer him a free hair cut.”

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