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Belfast schoolboy Ethan visits all Northern Ireland train stations in record time

Ethan Turner and his dad David with the journal detailing all the bus routes from the record he broke earlier this year
Ethan Turner and his dad David with the journal detailing all the bus routes from the record he broke earlier this year
Lauren Harte

By Lauren Harte

A Belfast schoolboy has broken the record for the fastest time taken to visit every train station in Northern Ireland.

Ethan Turner (13) is celebrating his latest achievement after making public transport his first choice for travel.

On Monday he passed through all 54 local railway halts in 11 hours, 59 minutes and 18 seconds - beating the previous time of 13 hours and 10 minutes.

Earlier this year, Ethan became the first person to travel on all of Belfast's Metro bus routes.

It took him over two years and more than 100 journeys on the distinctive pink buses.

The Methodist College student was inspired to take on his transport challenges after a London Tube enthusiast set a world record for visiting all 270 stations on the underground in the fastest time.

Ethan also became a big fan of public transport systems after numerous visits to London.

His father David (50), who accompanied Ethan on Monday's marathon trek, said his son is already looking at ways of bringing the time of his current record down even further.

Ethan has kept a logbook with every detail of his latest rail journeys, which began at Hilden train stop in Lisburn at 6.27am and ended in Newry at 6.26pm.

David said: "Ethan had to put his foot on each platform and the train had to actually make a stop at every station.

"That is how the previous people did it and it's what Ethan wanted to do.

"He still believes that he might able to try again in less time by going a different route.

"We were very lucky with our timing on the day in that there were a lot of major delays due to signalling issues but thankfully we missed them all.

"In any one day there's always a delay somewhere so Ethan is very pleased by his latest achievement.

"It was quite intense and our only long break was a 50-minute stop-off in Bangor.

"Otherwise it was a matter of getting off trains in order to make the next connection.

"It just goes to show how small Northern is and that it's possible to travel everywhere in a day."

Translink chief executive Chris Conway praised Ethan's latest success.

"Ethan is very passionate about public transport," he said.

"I am delighted to see that he has now broken the record for visiting all 54 NI Railways stations on our network, in addition to travelling every Belfast Metro route earlier this year.

"Ethan has shown strong determination to achieve another record and I look forward to welcoming him on board our services into the future."

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