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Belfast security alert after explosive device discovered

Police in Northern Ireland believe an explosive device found in north Belfast was potentially an under-car booby trap bomb.

The discovery in the Linden Gardens area has sparked a security alert, with residents evacuated from their homes.

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) Detective Chief Inspector Richard Campbell said: "Detectives from PSNI's Serious Crime Branch are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a viable explosive type device. At this stage Police believe that this could have been an under car booby trap which was designed to kill or maim.

"ATO (Army Technical Officers) carried out a controlled explosion and the device has been taken away for further forensic examination.

"I utterly condemn this incident. Those responsible have no qualms about putting people's lives at risk and causing disruption to the community. There is no doubt that this device had the potential to cause serious injury or death."

Officers have appealed for anyone with information about the incident to come forward.


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