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Belfast set to sample new Guinness beers

By Rachel Martin

It may be best known for the iconic creamy pint of stout known the world over, but now the home of the 'black stuff' is expanding its range of craft beers.

Guinness is making a range of small-batch brews concocted at the Irish drink giant's experimental labs, which will be available across 25 Belfast pubs.

The experimental brewery has been generating new recipes and ideas for more than 100 years.

And in November, for the first time in its history, Guinness opened the doors of The Open Gate experimental brewery at St James's Gate.

Over the last seven months, the brewers have welcomed thousands of people to see behind the scenes at Guinness

Beers developed in the centre so far include 1516 Pilsner, Chocolate and Vanilla stout, Antwerpen Export stout and Strawberry Porter.

It launched two of the new beers, a 'botanical' pale ale and a Rye Pale Ale.

The Open Gate Brewery tap will be a permanent fixture in the selected pubs and the new brews will come on stream every two months.

Peter Simpson, brewer in the Open Gate Brewery said: "Since we launched The Open Gate Brewery, we have had many requests from publicans and consumers to make our small batch brews available beyond the Open Gate Brewery so that people can experience our beers.

"While some of the brews will remain exclusive to The Open Gate Brewery, we are delighted to announce that some of the small batch brews will now be available in 25 pubs in Belfast. 

"The first beer that will be rolled out will be a Rye Pale Ale. It's an evolution of the Rye Pale Ale brew that we created for our association with Offset back in April.

"It's a blond colour beer with full bodies and is slightly sweet with grapefruit coming though."

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