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Belfast sex act ice cream parlour paint bombed

By Adrian Rutherford

This was the scene after a paint bomb attack on an ice cream shop where a former loyalist prisoner recorded himself performing a sex act.

Fonzie's ice cream parlour on the Newtownards Road in east Belfast was targeted on Tuesday night.

A 30-second video of ex-UDA prisoner William 'Billy' Stitt behind the counter was uploaded onto YouTube last Friday. It was removed a short time later, but not before being downloaded and shared thousands of times.

Fonzie's is part-owned by Bangor UDA boss Dee Stitt, who has sacked his cousin Billy over his antics. In a new twist, the popular shop was targeted sometime on Tuesday.

Pictures show white paint splattered across the sign and across a window above the store.

Yesterday workmen were seen trying to repair the vandalism.

A local who contacted this newspaper to inform us of the attack said the ice cream parlour was "the whole talk of the community".

The PSNI said the incident had not been reported to it.

Details of the sex incident emerged at the weekend. Dee Stitt told Sunday Life: "My sympathy is with the individual, but the engagement happened on my premises and that constitutes gross misconduct. He (Billy) has been sacked."

Billy Stitt - who was jailed in the 1990s with Dee for attempted UDA robbery and weapons possession - later claimed to be the victim of a blackmail attempt.

He said he was duped into performing the sex act by a female member of a foreign crime gang and had contacted the PSNI.

"I'm a victim of crime," he said.

He admitted that he was the man in the ice cream shop sex video and conceded it was recorded in Fonzie's, but added: "It's not what you think it is."

In the 30-second video, Stitt films himself walking around the ice cream parlour after closing time.

Suddenly he exposes himself to the camera.

Stitt had been working in the shop since it opened earlier this year.

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