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Belfast shop banned from selling legal highs

By Lindsay Fergus

A shop in Belfast city centre has been banned from selling legal highs.

Belfast City Council and the Attorney General secured the order in the High Court yesterday.

It prevents premises in Gresham Street from selling novel psychoactive substances - legal highs.

A spokeswoman from Belfast City Council said: "The orders, granted by the Hon Mr Justice Deeny in the High Court, have repercussions for the sale of these substances in Northern Ireland and beyond.

"The orders prevent a number of named individuals and a limited company from selling legal highs from premises in Gresham Street and anywhere else in Northern Ireland."

Novel psychoactive substances chemically mimic illegal drugs with slang names such as 'Magic Dragon' and 'Doob'.

Side-effects from taking the substances can include agitation, panic attacks and paranoia.

Belfast City Council first seized legal highs from the premises in November 2013, which were destroyed in February after a forfeiture order was granted by a District Judge.

Despite this, the premises continued to sell the substances.

The council spokeswoman added: "Just because they are not banned under drug laws does not mean that these substances are safe."

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