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Belfast singer Peter Corry laments 'arrogant, selfish and petulant' politicians amid Stormont stalemate and Brexit chaos

Peter Corry said he was feeling "helpless, angry and frustrated" at the current political situation.

Singer Peter Corry
Singer Peter Corry
Singer Peter Corry with his wife Fleur Mellor at their home in Hillsborough.

Belfast singer Peter Corry has slammed "arrogant, selfish and petulant" politicians amid the stalemate at Stormont and the chaos surrounding the Brexit negotiations.

Mr Corry, who is the artistic director of the Belfast School of Performing Arts and famously sang at George Best's funeral in 2005, took to social media to express his distress at the calibre of politicians "locally, nationally and internationally".

He wrote: "I find myself looking at the news and in particular at politics and feeling helpless, angry and frustrated both locally, nationally and internationally at being led by politicians who are arrogant, greedy, selfish and petulant.

"Like spoilt children who put their needs and egos above what is right and want to get their way rather than what is best for all of us."

Mr Corry, who once starred in the West End hit musical Les Miserables, said those debating in parliament and those not attending Stormont were not acting as if they "know the weight and responsibility of their position".

Singer Peter Corry with his wife Fleur Mellor at their home in Hillsborough.

The Executive at Stormont has been absent for more than two years following the collapse of power-sharing as a result of then Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness's resignation.

The UK parliament has also been in chaos, with no agreement reached with Brussels on Brexit.

However, Mr Corry said that although not all politicians are the same, he did worry for the future of Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

"Of course they're not all like this but too many of them are and I cant help but worry about where this all leads," he said.

"I know some politicians and one to one socially they seem fine but they need to step away from worrying about their own standing in their party, their own careers and their own arrogance and think what is honestly the right thing to do, the right choice to make.

"When has a politician ever admitted they were wrong unless its to do with something they've been caught out on. When has a politician ever said the opposition might have a point.

"I never put anything up like this but I think we need real leaders, people we can trust - locally, nationally and internationally."

Peter Corry and Fleur Mellor on their wedding day in Italy last year

Mr Corry, who married his dancer and choreographer partner Fleur Mellor in Italy last year, won a TV talent competition called Go For It before starring in 1999 as Inspector Javert in the West End production of Les Miserables and a UK tour of the musical.

He sang Bring Him Home and The Long and Winding Road at George Best's funeral and the following year performed at a St Patrick's Day function in Washington. In recent times he has produced a number of youth musicals in Northern Ireland.

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