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Belfast student has vital computer equipment stolen days before his finals


Calvin Craig's laptop was taken

Calvin Craig's laptop was taken

Calvin Craig's laptop was taken

A final year university student has been left devastated after thieves broke in to his Stranmillis home and robbed him of computer equipment containing essential work just three days before he was due to hand in his final assessments.

Calvin Craig (23) had been ready to complete his four-year graphic design and illustration course at Ulster University this week.

But, on returning to the Sandhurst Drive house the Ballymoney man shares with his sister last Sunday evening he discovered the burglary - and that valuable equipment, including computer hard drives which contained essential work, had been taken.

"I've worked hard for four years to get to this stage," Calvin told the Belfast Telegraph.

"I know the equipment taken can be replaced but it's the computer hard drives that are really important to me."

Items taken in the burglary included: a MacBook Pro 2013 (and charger), two LaCie hard drives (orange); a passport drive (red); an intuos graphic tablet (white); a Fujifilm X100t camera; and a selection of SD memory cards.

"My hard drives, which aren't actually worth a lot of money, are very valuable to me as they hold all my university coursework, and I need to submit them to finish my degree. I'm in my final year and this is the end of four years of work. Even the back-up copies have been taken.

"There's a lot of photographs, design work and videography work which has been very time-consuming, and it's not the sort of work I can just do again. It's unique.

"The final assessments were due to be handed in this week. The problem is that although my tutors know what I've been working on, it's all now got to be handed over to an outside assessor, but the work isn't there.

"I have been given an extra week to hand in my final assessments so I'll be doing my best to pull together what I can while hoping someone knows where the equipment is."

Calvin has also been working as a photographer and says a lot of vital information for charity has also been taken.

"I work for a social enterprise, Outsidein, who help with the homeless, and the hard drives also contain footage I shot for them in Glasgow. There's more photographs and work from a charity trip to South Africa which won't be important to anyone else. I need to get it back as it simply can't be replaced.

"It's just awful timing for me. To see all that work gone is heartbreaking. I'm willing to offer a reward if I can get my university work back in time to hand it in for assessment, so please let police know if you're offered any of the equipment for sale or know where it is."

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