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Belfast students work the hardest


BELFAST students are the hardest-working in the UK, according to a new survey.

The city is the sixth most cost-effective place to study in the UK, and 61% of students here will take a part-time job to help with term-time living costs - the highest in the UK.

Students are working an average of 15 hours per week, according to the Ulster Bank survey. The most popular jobs are in retail, followed by restaurant and bar work, but more unusual occupations include call-centre work, cleaning and gym staff.

The RBS Student Living Index also reveals that 50% of Belfast-based students still under-estimate the weekly cost of living expenses and rent at university.

They will spend almost £139m on housing and living costs over the next academic year - a slightly lower figure than other regional cities due to the number of Belfast students living at home (39%).

Of students who live in rented accommodation, just over £30m is spent on rent. Belfast students also spend £15m on supermarket food shopping, £15m on going out, £7m on books and course material and £8m on music and CDs.

The survey, which ranks 26 of the UK's major university towns, reveals that on average Belfast students pay £67 rent a week, £5 less than the UK average.

On individual expenditure, not including rent, local students spend an average of £139 a week - slightly higher than the UK average of £131.

Belfast undergraduates spend more than average on going out to cinemas and clubs, alcohol and day-to-day travel, but less than average on supermarket food shopping and utility costs.

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