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Belfast Telegraph appeal sees six unwanted pups at Assisi Animal Sanctuary get new homes

By Allan Preston

Six unwanted puppies named after Game of Thrones characters have all been offered new homes following a Belfast Telegraph appeal.

The cavalier-retriever cross puppies - Tyrion, Joffrey, Arya, Sansa, Jon and Daenerys (three male and three female) - were brought to the Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Conlig, Co Down, two weeks ago as their previous owner had no space for them.

Now, the charity says the eight-week-old pups have all been booked and, following home and veterinary checks, Assisi is hopeful they can be settled in their new homes within a week.

Linda Hoy, who works part-time at the sanctuary, said the phones had been "buzzing" after Saturday's appeal in this paper.

"It's brilliant, there was a great response to the appeal, all the Game of Thrones puppies are now booked. We're hopeful in the next week or so they'll go to a new home," she said. "I have to admit I don't watch Game of Thrones - I thought they were just weird names for puppies."

Other animals at Assisi who are still awaiting a forever home include two named after famous video game characters - 12-week-old female black lurcher Zelda and her cage mate, Link, a 12-week-old tan Jack Russell.

Also hoping for a new start is chocolate labrador Allie, aged between seven and 10, who was rescued from the dog pound two weeks ago and suffers from crippling arthritis.

On Friday, Lucy Green, supervisor of the dog section, said Assisi took in a new dog every day last week. "Kennel capacity is between 34 and 36 dogs and at the minute we have 30," she stated.

"We take a lot of dogs from pounds across Northern Ireland and this month we've lifted 15. The pounds are full to bursting so we're bringing them in as fast as we can. We work alongside other rescues as well, so if they can't find homes for some dogs, we'll bring them in and see what we can do."

She said the post-Christmas surge in unwanted dogs, cats and even hamsters was all too familiar. "It's really common for us to see a surge in numbers after Christmas. We're expecting numbers to keep rising," she added.

Assisi can be contacted at (028) 9181 2622 or by email:

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