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Belfast Telegraph appeal set the wheels in motion for tearful reunion

By Staff Reporter

In October, James Leatherbarrow appealed through the pages of the Belfast Telegraph to find the woman who had saved his life on that dark terrible night at Ballygawley.

We found not just one, but two Londonderry women who helped him.

Grace Curry was called over by her husband Kingsley to comfort James after he pulled him from the wreckage, while Donna Patton cradled James' head on her lap as they waited for an ambulance.

James had a vivid memory from 27 years ago of an Ulster accent urging him not to die, and wanted to find that person to say thank you.

Eventually it was via Facebook that the Belfast Telegraph contacted both women.

Grace had seen our coverage, while Donna heard about it when her cousin phoned her and asked whether she might be the woman James was looking for.

Phone numbers were exchanged and a date for a meeting was set up for Remembrance weekend with James due to visit Ulster to take part in a roadside service.

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