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Belfast Telegraph journalist Eddie McIlwaine bows out after brilliant career

By Staff Reporter

TV star Gloria Hunniford has paid tribute to "brilliant" Belfast Telegraph journalist Eddie McIlwaine, who today pens his last Ulster Log for the paper.

Eddie's Ulster Log has been informing and entertaining Telegraph readers for 40 years. Last night Gloria recorded a special video message to evergreen Eddie (81), who began his Tele career back in the 1950s.

The Loose Women star told Eddie: "You and I have been in this business for at least 100 years! I have to thank you very much because in the early part of my career in Northern Ireland you were really, really helpful.

"You were always brilliant at getting a scoop.

"You broke the news that I was getting married for the second time .

"Where you got the info I don't know - but you were spot on!"

The former BBC presenter who hails from Portadown continued: "I feel as if I've known you forever - I have known you forever!

"We always had good times when we met, and you were always very, very kind to me -you're a brilliant journalist."

Signing off, Gloria added: "Sending you much love, wish you a very happy Christmas, and a lovely retirement - If you ever retire! God bless you Eddie - we all love you!"

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