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Belfast Telegraph readers enjoy European Heritage Open Days [Photos]

A number of Northern Ireland's most intriguing heritage sites have opened the doors to the public.

Over the weekend people have been out exploring various properties and sites across the province as part of European Heritage Open Days.

Readers have sent in some photographs of the sites they visited over the weekend.

Ahead of the weekend Rosemarie McHugh, from Tourism NI said there is no better time to uncover Northern Ireland’s unique heritage and discover quirky facts about local history.

“Northern Ireland has a wealth of history and culture attached to it and this year we want to encourage people to get out and explore their local community by visiting some of the many sites that are open for free as part of European Heritage Open Days 2018," she said.

"This is the opportunity to see behind the scenes of some of Northern Ireland’s most historic buildings, not often open to the public.

“In the year of Cultural Heritage, we’re making the most of the opportunity to grow visitor numbers with culturally motivated tourists."

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