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Belfast Telegraph response to 'sexist reporting' claims

This editorial spread has been willfully misrepresented by being selectively shared online.

As well as looking at the election posters of four women, it also looked at the posters of five men.

Those men were also the subject of robust comments about their appearance — though you wouldn’t know that if you only read this story on social media.

We asked two writers, Malachi O’Doherty and Frances Burscough, to take a tongue-in-cheek look at how the candidates had chosen to publicly present themselves.

The key word here is “humour”.

Political parties — without exception — employ professional PR people and professional photographers and stylists to make themselves look “good” on posters which pollute every telegraph pole in the land, but then complain about people passing comment on the image they are actually trying to convey on them.

The question should be asked: why posters at all? And why foster and promote a cult of personality with certain politicians and then run off when people laugh at them?

What they are really objecting to here is being laughed at. The women issue is a diversion — which they are all very good at promoting.

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