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Belfast Telegraph's most-read stories 2015: Celtic sea gods, new Edward Snowden, Giant Russian dogs and Guy Martin

Millions of people flocked to the Belfast Telegraph's website from across the world over the past 12 months.

Here is our top 10 most popular stories for 2015:

The story of a new loyalist terror group was the 10th most popular for the year.

Two pictures were issued to the media showing three masked men in paramilitary style clothing sitting at a table to announce that the group considered the PSNI and Parades Commission as "legitimate targets" in the wake of attacks on the PUL community.

Read the full story: New loyalist terror group issues death threat to PSNI and Parades Commission

Following his dramatic crash at the Ulster Grand Prix, Guy Martin's recovery was the ninth most popular story.

Martin lost control of his Tyco BMW at Dundrod during a high-speed duel with Bruce Anstey.

Read the full story: Guy Martin having back surgery after crash

German supermarket chain Edeka's emotional Christmas advert came in at number eight.

It told the story of a lonely elderly man's desperate attempts to bring his family together.

Read the full story: German supermarket Edeka’s emotional Christmas ad goes viral

The novel idea of selling crisp sandwiches in Belfast proved such a hit, the cafe sold out of snacks within two hours of opening.

Simply Crispy's savoury story made it to number seven on our most popular.

Read the full story: Crisp sandwich shop sells out

The fatal shooting of ex-IRA leader Gerard 'Jock' Davison was the sixth most read story of the year.

His killing sparked political ramifications which went right to the very heart of Stormont.

Read the full story: Former IRA leader Gerard 'Jock' Davison shot dead

A woman who was jailed after making a false accusation of rape was the fifth most read story of the year.

Read the full story: Woman who cried rape is jailed for nine months

A video of rats running amok in a Belfast coffee shop caused a stir.

Claire Williamson's story and the shocking video made it to number four on our most popular stories.

Read the full story: Shocking video of rats running amok in Caffe Nero

At number three in the year's most popular was a story from 2014 by Linda Stewart about dogs bred for hunting in Russia going on sale in Northern Ireland.

The caucasian shepherd dogs, can reach as much as 12 stone in weight.

Read the full story: Caucasian shepherd dogs bred for hunting Russian bears go on sale

Leaked documents appeared to undermine the claims by American intelligence that drone strikes were precise.

Gary Fennelly's story about a whistleblower, labelled the "new Edward Snowden", who leaked documents on US drone killings, made number two in the year's most popular.

Read the full story: New Edward Snowden? Whistleblower leaks documents on US drone killings

And top of the pops was Donna Deeney's story in January of the theft of a Celtic sea god from a Northern Ireland mountain top.

Christian fundamentalists were believed to be behind the theft of the statue above Limavady.

Read the full story: Christian extremists steal statue of Celtic sea god

Belfast Telegraph's top 20 most-read for 2015

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