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Belfast Trust brands its urological cancer waiting times 'unacceptable' as Co Antrim woman reveals wait for operation

By Claire Williamson

The Belfast Trust has branded its urological cancer waiting times as 'unacceptable' - after a Co Antrim woman revealed her ongoing wait for an operation.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, told the BBC Stephen Nolan show she is scared of the cancer spreading.

She told how she was sent to the Royal Victoria Hospital in February for a scan. And following the results of that she was sent to Belfast City Hospital for an ultrasound.

She said: "I had two of them and then that's when they discovered I had cancer of the kidney in May.

"That was at the City Hospital and they said they would bring me in in June and do a key hole operation and I'd only be in for three or four days.

"I was on my own and went numb. I wasn't expecting that, everybody knows if you have cancer the sooner you get it seen to the better.

"I haven't heard anything since and that's three months later. My own doctor has contacted them.

"Every niggly pain you get -  you think that's it spreading."

She added: "I have good faith and pray to God it will come soon.

"If they hadn't of told me June I would have been willing to wait - so you feel a bit let down. I thought a thing like that you'd be taken in as soon as possible.

"I can go anytime I've my bag packed.

"The only thing I'm afraid of is it spreading and not getting it out in time."

In a statement the Belfast Trust apologised and said their capacity to deliver urological cancer surgery "falls below the level of demand for the service that is actually required".

In a statement a spokeswoman said: "Unfortunately, the capacity of the Trust to deliver urological cancer surgery Consequently, unacceptable waiting times remain an ongoing and significant challenge for the Trust.

"The Trust is currently engaged with the Health and Social Care Board to address the capacity issues within the Urology Service. On behalf of the Belfast Trust, we wish to sincerely apologise for the continuing impact that this wait has had on the patient’s daily life.

"We recognise that waiting this excessive length of time for a surgical date has no doubt caused additional anxiety and distress and we are doing everything we can to ensure this patient is scheduled for surgery as soon as possible."

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