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Belfast Trust confirms admissions to Muckamore Abbey Hospital stopped

Muckamore Abbey Hospital
Muckamore Abbey Hospital

Belfast Trust has confirmed it has stopped taking new admissions at the scandal hit Muckamore Abbey Hospital.

Last week the Belfast branch of public sector union NIPSA said it had been informed by its members that the hospital, which provides inpatient facilities for vulnerable individuals with learning difficulties and mental health problems, had stopped admitting patients.

A Belfast Trust spokesperson initially told the Belfast Telegraph that "no decision" had been taken to stop admissions.

However, on Monday a spokesperson said: "The trust has taken steps to cease or significantly restrict unplanned admissions to Muckamore Abbey Hospital. Where an admission is considered unavoidable systems will be in place to ensure all alternative options are fully explored.

"This decision will be kept under continuous review ."

An investigation at Muckamore Abbey Hospital is under way after allegations of abuse by staff against vulnerable patients.

Since November 2017, 13 members of staff have been suspended after allegations of ill-treatment were made.

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