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Belfast will be buzzing with babies at the world's first 'BabyDay' takeover

By Valerie Edwards

The entire city – including Belfast City Hall – will be taken over by bouncy babies at the world's first ever BabyDay.

Replay Theatre Company has organised over 80 events that will be held throughout Belfast on Sunday including theatre, film, dance, music, art and science.

The Belfast Film Festival, Lyric Theatre, Ulster Orchestra, Arts Ekta, NI Opera, Northern Ireland Science Festival will host several activities.

Anna Newell, Replay's artistic director, wanted to make sure that there were events for all ages and people who aren't expecting babies. She said: “There are events for adults, teens and the tiniest of them all.

“Father Figures is a show about being a dad and We Remember Bedrooms features artists, writers, and musicians who will take us through their childhood bedrooms.”

If people are interested in staying in their areas, there are events all over the city and not just in the city centre.

Anna said: “BabyDay is a day for celebrating our tiny citizens and to help others see the world through their eyes and the wonder in that.

“People ask me if BabyDay will become an annual celebration, but no. It's a celebration on a specific, spectacular day for our tiny citizens. We hope people learn from BabyDay and help make sure our city is a place for babies to grow and contribute to society in the future.”

Earlier this year the Replay Theatre Company hit Broadway in New York with their first baby show, Babble, and six days after BabyDay, their show TiNY will debut in South Africa.

There will also be a theatre group coming all the way from New York that will use physical theatre and interactive sensory in a show called Taking Flight, which will be held at the Crescent Arts Centre.

BabyDay will also have science events, which will explore the power of creativity and the unique connection that it makes between parents and babies, communities and how vital these communities are for a baby's future.

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, director of Connected Baby and an Inspirational Voice for BabyDay, explains on her website that the first three years of a baby's life determines their behaviour in later years and changes how their brains are formed.

The Science Bit from the NI Science Festival, is an event that will feature a talk from Dr Zeedyk, who will explain why babies love baby talk.

Several organizations have sponsored BabyDay, including Mothercare, a company that provides a variety of products such as maternity wear, baby clothing, and car seats, as well as pregnancy advice and information for health professionals.

Judith Clarke, store manager of Mothercare in Belfast, said: “We're very delighted to be able to help sponsor an event like BabyDay. Two of our stores will host the pre-BabyDay breakfast at the Sprucefield Shopping Centre.

“We will also have a car seat setting at Belfast City Hall to show how to fit and install car seats of all types.”

The grand finale will take place at 5pm when the Belfast Mamas and Papas sing the Belfast BabyDay Lullaby, written by award winning composer, Neil Martin.

Other events will be held at Skainos, Spectrum Centre, Oh Yeah Centre, the MAC, Duncairn Cultural Centre, Black Box, BeanBag Cinema, Ulster Museum, Strand Arts Centre and Easons.

Visit BabyDay for more information.

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