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Belfast woman was left expletive laden note from driver who claims it took 15 minutes to move car past hers

A Northern Ireland driver has been left fuming after she was left an expletive-laden note from a mystery motorist who claimed it took him 15 minutes to move his car past hers.

The 30-year-old woman who does not wish to be identified said she has parked in the same spot off the Belmont Road as she has always done for the past five years.

When she returned to her car she discovered the note.

It said: "Your a f****** parking c***".

The woman then posted the note on social media saying "someone was angry with my parking today" - as she was confused as to what she had done to merit such a response.

She said: "I literally finished work, went to get in my car and this was under my windscreen wiper. Even their writing is angry looking.

"An angry driver obviously with nothing better to do on their hands. I was parked how I always do and any car around me could have got out fine unless they where driving a bus. But there was no buses parked near me.

"I laughed it off I'm not one to take this kind of things to heart, maybe the driver was having a bad day and I got the brunt of it", she told The Daily Mail.

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