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Belfast woman's house attacked over 400 times in four years

A Belfast woman has claimed a recent arson attack on her Grosvenor Road home was the 464th attack on her home in the last four years.

Mother of six, Joanne O’Toole from McDonnell Street, said the thugs who launched the weekend arson attack were trying to murder her and her family.

During Saturday’s incident, a motorbike was set alight in the hallway of the house, blocking their escape route and when one of Mrs O’Toole’s sons tackled the flames, he suffered burns to his feet.

“They tried to murder me and my kids. I have no doubt about that whatsover,” she told the Andersonstown News.

“They are bullies and I stand up to them and that’s why they target me, my kids and my home. Since 2008 464 criminal events have taken place at my house; I’ve had windows smashed, gates kicked in my electric box set on fire. But this is the worst so far; this was attempted murder.”

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