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Belfast Zoo lemurs go wild for Santa's presents

By David Young

Christmas came early this year for the ringtailed lemurs at Belfast Zoo when they took a special delivery from Santa - and now everyone can join in the fun at a special weekend series of zoo events.

The ringtailed lemurs are among the most popular animals at Belfast Zoo.

The cheeky little blighters - who hail from the tropical island of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa - are among nature's most inquisitive animals.

In Belfast they are free to roam around the entire zoo, delighting children and parents alike. The lemurs are friendly animals who typically live in large family groups of up to 30 individuals - and they just love being able to socialise with zoo visitors. This weekend, Belfast Zoo is inviting the public to come along today, tomorrow and Monday to take part in Christmas crafts and festive face-painting - and get up close and personal with its lemurs.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy helping to wrap and deliver presents to the chimpanzees, as well as decorate the Asian elephants.

There are more than 10,000 lemurs left in the wild but, because their range is decreasing daily, their population is also declining.

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