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Prince Philip 'snub' backlash: Glentoran just didn't consider minute's silence... that was a poor decision, says Mick McDermott


Mick McDermott

Mick McDermott

Mick McDermott

Glentoran boss Mick McDermott has stressed there was no intention by the club to "snub" Prince Philip's death when the club did not hold a minute's silence in his honour on Saturday.

The east Belfast club has faced a backlash from fans for not honouring the Duke on the pitch before the Dungannon Swfits game at the Oval.

It did lower flags and has said it will write to the royal household to express its condolences for the passing of the duke following his death at the age of 99.

The club also said it will hold a public "mark of respect" ahead of the club's next two fixtures - both against Coleraine - on Tuesday and Friday evening.

Mick McDermott, who is also a director of the club, told the BBC Stephen Nolan show the club did not intentionally set out to "snub" the death of the royal.

He said: "There was no decision made not to have the minute's silence.

"Our decision was to have the flag lowered and send a letter of condolence.

"We now realise that was not enough and we apologise for not having that minute's silence."

He said there was not a discussion with players on a tribute and normally there was a directive from the league or a visiting club on holding a period of silence.

"This was never raised. We just never considered it and now we know it was a poor decision."

He added: "We did take the time and the effort to prepare what we thought at that time was an acceptable protocol.

"Writing the letter was above and beyond. Usually lowering the flag would have sufficed. We now realise we should have had a minute's silence.

"We apologise for that, we apologise to the fans that were offended, we apologise to any other groups that were offended. I am just concerned that in the media this is portrayed as some sort of decision made because of a chairman, a player or a board member. No that is absolutely not true.

"This was a non-decision on our part," he added, "we should have done it and we will do it."

He stressed there would be no objections to the minute's silence from players.

"It is a gesture of mourning, a show of respect," he said.

"If a minute's silence is held everyone will take part."

Irish League fixtures for Saturday which were scheduled for 3pm kick off have been rearranged to prevent a clash with the funeral.

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