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Belfast's biggest visitor The Caribbean Princess heralds cruise bonanza

By Ann W Schmidt

The 60th cruise ship to visit Belfast this summer is also the biggest the city has played host to.

The Caribbean Princess holds 4,822 crew and passengers and sports 11 cafes and restaurants and five pools.

She is 21m longer than the Titanic that once passed through the same waters - but is more than twice the weight and has nearly double the decks.

There are still 23 more cruise ships expected to drop anchor here by the end of the year. Last year saw only 59 in Belfast's harbour - but by the end of this year 83 ships will have brought 145,000 passengers here.

The 60 ships that have already visited have brought around 113,000 people to the city.

Visit Belfast's chief executive Gerry Lennon said that the number of cruise visitors to the area had increased by 41% in the past three years.

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