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Bellaghy: Car driven by 14-year-old boy crashes into field after police chase

The mini crashed into a field. Credit: PSNI
The mini crashed into a field. Credit: PSNI
Mark Bain

By Mark Bain

Police say they are continuing to investigate how a 14-year-old boy came to be behind the wheel of a car which crashed into a field in Co Londonderry in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

PSNI confirmed a unit had been on routine burglary patrol around the Bellaghy area when they spotted the white Mini car and attempted to stop the vehicle.

The vehicle took off at speed but crashed into a field along the Mullaghboy Road.

“The driver clearly had no idea how to handle the car,” a PSNI spokesperson said.

When the car came to a halt the occupants exited the vehicle and scattered across fields.

“Additional crews and dog call signs were brought in meaning those who had been in the car were soon rounded up in neighbouring fields and hedges,” the PSNI said.

“The driver turned out to be a 14 year old with the rest in the car of a similar age.

“Think about that for a second, a 14 year old ripping about the roads with his mates packed into the car at 3am.

”Thankfully we aren’t dealing with multiple fatalities.”

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