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Belvoir and Milltown residents invited to join 'Share' scheme

The Housing Executive is encouraging residents in the Belvoir and Milltown areas to consider joining the Shared Neighbourhood Programme.

It’s a three-year pilot scheme funded by the International Fund for Ireland and delivered by the Executive.

The programme aims to develop ‘shared areas’, which give people the chance to live in a neighbourhood where diversity is welcomed and people of all backgrounds live, work, learn and play together.

Alexandra de la Torre, the Executive’s community cohesion officer for the south east area, explained its benefits.

“The Shared Neighbourhood Programme is being run out in 30 estates across Northern Ireland,” she said.

“By joining this programme the residents of Belvoir and Milltown will have access to grants to celebrate diversity and bring together people from all backgrounds.

“The community will also benefit by having access to community relations training and help in developing a community consultation.”

And if Belvoir and Milltown join the scheme they’ll be able to design and implement their own ‘Good Relations and Community Development Plan’.

The Executive is arranging a meeting for residents and community groups this Saturday at Belvoir Activity Centre from 3.30pm until 5pm.

They’ll be given the chance to discover the benefits of joining the Shared Neighbourhood Programme and how they can contribute to the development of this initiative.

Said Ms de la Torre: “We will not only be launching the Shared Neighbourhood Programme at this event, but we’ll also be having a celebration — bringing local groups and organisations together to enjoy local and international music and traditional stew.

“Why not come along and enjoy the music and food and find out more about the programme. Everyone is welcome!”

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