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Belvoir Library protest

Children from Belvoir Park Primary School have joined local politicians in the battle to save their local library from closure.

The future of Belvoir — and 13 other Belfast libraries — hangs in the balance as a rationalisation of the service in currently ongoing.

South Belfast MP, Dr Alasdair McDonnell, united with local residents and political representatives at a protest outside the library last Friday.

“I am delighted to show solidarity and support for local residents in their campaign to protect this closure,” he said.

“This facility is an important part of the Belvoir community.

“As well as a library it also focuses as a social hub where local residents, older people in particular, can come together and meet up.

“It is used by children from Belvoir Park Primary School both during and after school.

“If this library closes the reality is that residents will be denied another service. The first to go was the post office.

“We cannot stand by and allow our residents to be starved of community resources and life lines.”

The protest was organised by Belvoir community worker, Bernie Reid, and a number of Castlereagh councillors also attended including Councillor Rosaleen Hughes.

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