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Best Home Cook producers apologise for tricolour emoji in tweet announcing winner

Producers of the BBC series Best Home Cook have apologised for using an emoji of an Irish tricolour in a social media post announcing the Northern Ireland winner of the UK-wide culinary competition.

The image appeared online on Thursday night in a tweet announcing that Suzie Arbuthnot had won the title of Best Home Cook.

The tweet said: "And here she is, our winner of Best Home Cook 2020 Congratulations Suzie! Northern Ireland will be celebrating tonight" - followed by the image of the Republic of Ireland flag.

The post was removed yesterday afternoon and replaced with another message, minus any flag emojis.

Before this many had commented under the original post and 'flagged' up what they called the "lack of awareness".

One social media user wrote: "Many congratulations, she was exceptional throughout. Rather bizarre of Best Home Cook to have a tricolour on the post. "Do they know where NI is, why bother with any flag."

Another added: "Do you not know that Northern Ireland is part of the UK? Why the Irish flag on your post?"

"Antrim is in Northern Ireland, I believe that neither flag should have been used and certainly not a tricolour," said another.

In a response, a spokesperson for Best Home Cook confirmed that the BBC do not run the social media account.

They added: "The flag was posted in error and was removed immediately the mistake was realised.

"We would like to apologise for any offence caused."

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