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BHS: 'I thought it was a great store, like lots of struggling shops, online has killed it'

By Allan Preston

Maureen Workman, Coleraine, 52

"It's not terribly handy for us but in the past I would have shopped in BHS and I thought it was a brilliant store. I think it's just all this online shopping. All the shops are struggling not just BHS".

Stephen Trainor, Belfast, 42

"I just popped in for a wee nosey to see if there's any bargains. It does look dated compared to other department stores. They haven't changed with the times, it's very 1980s looking. I won't miss it but it is part of the fabric of society like Woolworths was, something that was always there".

Jennifer Price, Holywood, 43

"I suppose it's a bit unfortunate, it's such a large employer but at the same time the brand is a bit tired and dated so it's not a complete surprise. I wouldn't miss it a lot to be honest, it's not somewhere I'd make a beeline for even though some of the products in the windows look nice.

"I did see some nice things in there, but I'm going to shop around and circle back I think, I always like a bargain."

Jonathan Kirkpatrick, Bangor, 49

"They haven't kept up with the times. I'm probably as guilty as everyone else and buy all my clothes online."

William Clark, Holywood, 27

"I wouldn't miss it really, it hasn't kept with the times, it's quite old-fashioned looking. But I'd maybe go in at Christmas for a present for my grandparents."

Dorothy Tweedie, Belfast, 51

"I would miss it, it's been here for a long while. The workers won't know where to turn if the shop closes or how to get money to feed their families."

Doris and Samuel Kennedy Portrush, 74 and 75

Doris: "I'm shocked really, BHS has been here for years. I would miss it if it was gone, I like the household stuff."

Samuel: "I would come down quite a lot with my wife. I'd say too much online business is the problem."

Ann and Les Jones, Donaghadee.

Les, 85: "It's a pity a large store like this might close, but it's not the only one that this has happened to. When you think back about Woolworths you always thought they would be here for good."

Ann, 76: "I get the impression from talking to people that no one can make out whether or not it's geared to young or old. Maybe they need to redefine themselves. I think lots of people will miss BHS."

Helen Charters, Carrickfergus, 62

"It's a store I would use a lot because of sizes, they have a more extensive range. I'm disappointed, I like the staff in BHS, they're nice and friendly and they have a good range."

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