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Bid to change Antrim town name to Irish

A picturesque town that serves as a gateway to the beauty of the Glens of Antrim has such an off-putting name locals fear it's scaring tourists away, it has been claimed.

So Drains Bay resident Patricia McNeill has asked Larne Council to consider changing its name to Drinns Bay, which she understands might be the village's original Gaelic name.

And though she is "so proud" of her hometown, she told the Larne Times: "I feel that the full tourist potential of the village is not being tapped into. I see a lot of visitors coming through on buses and stopping to admire the Black Arch, but many of them say to me that Drains Bay is a terrible name and they often ask me where all the drains are."

The council has said the process of changing the name of a town is a "complicated and costly one" and that Mrs McNeill herself would have to garner up 75% of her neighbours to support the name change through a public survey. However the authority agreed to consider it at a future development committee meeting.

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