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'Big Cat' beast of Ballykinler is 'probably a lurcher'

By Nevin Farrell

The Army has poured scorn on reports that a big cat is on the prowl in the countryside.

Reports emerged of a 'Beast of Ballykinler' roaming around after camera operators at the Army base of the same name picked up something moving at night.

But the Ministry of Defence said that while something had been picked up in Co Down, it was more likely to be a dog.

A spokesman added: "We did witness a large animal on the prowl in the Ballykinler area. We kept it under observation while it was in hunting mode.

"Those who monitored it are quite content that although it moved with stealth, it was canine rather than feline. We cannot say with conviction whether it was a greyhound or lurcher. The size favours lurcher with a head slightly larger than that of a greyhound."

The Belfast Telegraph asked the Army if they were willing to release an image of what was seen to let the public judge for themselves, but they declined.

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