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Big-hearted Belfast Telegraph readers give little Nathan a Christmas that he will never forget

By Claire Williamson

It was the simplest of festive requests - and readers responded in their thousands to make a little boy's Christmas the most special yet.

Nathan Scott from Cookstown has autism and loves cards.

So this year his mum Daphney made an appeal on Facebook for friends and family to send the 11-year-old cards.

Daphney said that while Nathan's speech is limited, his understanding of the world is supported through pictures, social stories and the Makaton sign language programme.

He loves cards so much that any the family receive stay on display for a long time - and Nathan examines them all to make sure they haven't gone anywhere.

He will have plenty to enjoy for a while, as he has received thousands in the post, thanks to the outpouring of kindness from friends, family and hundreds of strangers. Daphney calls each one of the cards an "envelope of love" and such is the power of social media, they have come from all around the world with some arriving from as far away as Australia.

Daphney told the Belfast Telegraph they have had more than 2,500 cards delivered so far - and they just keep coming.

Some people are even making their own cards for him. So many have been arriving that Daphney has created a special vision wall to display all the cards so that Nathan can see them all every day.

And their postman has been joining in on the Christmas fun as he delivers the huge bundles of cards. "Nathan's face says it all really," she said.

"The cards have been arriving these past few weeks in bundles - each one referred to as an envelope of love for our boy.

"Never in our life have we seen a postman so often.

"The postman has been blown away by the amount he has to drop off daily too and he has really joined in on the spirit of it all.

"Nathan's dad Kenny and I have been truly overwhelmed by people's kindness from all over the world. Nathan's reaction has been priceless.

"His cards will be stored and brought out for many years to come."

She added: "We still have loads to open as Nathan is easily overloaded so we must let him guide us on a daily basis."

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