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Big-hearted bikers who’ve saved Caoimhe from 1,722 jabs a year

By Donna Deeney

A young girl's life has been transformed thanks to a bunch of macho bikers.

The big-hearted motorcyclists raised funds for an insulin pump that has put an end to the 1,900 injections for diabetes she needed every year to stay alive.

Londonderry schoolgirl Caoimhe Kelly (8) was diagnosed with type one diabetes in 2009.

The condition meant her parents had to inject her seven times every day.

Now thanks to Bikers For Charity, who raised the £2,500 for the insulin pump, Caoimhe can enjoy taking part in her beloved football training.

Sharon and Shaun Kelly were devastated when their daughter was diagnosed with the severe form of diabetes — a condition that hit their family out of the blue.

It turned their world on its head because it meant that Caoimhe’s blood sugar levels needed constant monitoring and they would have to subject their little girl to multiple injections every day without fail.

Mum Sharon explained that the act of charity by the bikers has brought dramatic improvement to Caoimhe's life.

She said: “Caoimhe has had the pump now for less than a month, but already she has changed so much.

“She is looking healthier, there is more colour to her cheeks, she has more energy, but most important is that she no longer gets injected seven times a day.

“We worked out that over a course of a year, Caoimhe had to be given 1,900 injections, but now that has dropped to 178 thanks to this pump.

“Caoimhe is mad about football and is obsessed with Liverpool, but everything she did had to be interrupted by injections.

“Now she is able to fully take part in her training and last Saturday she played in six matches for Foyle Harps.

“The pump has made such a difference to her and we are all so grateful and thankful to the boys in Bikers For Charity — we have been so overwhelmed by what they have done for Caoimhe.”

One of the bikers from the fraternity, Hugh Doherty, said that when they heard about little Caoimhe they were all agreed that the bikers should do some fundraising just for her.

Hugh explained: “We do about three major fundraising events a year for different charities but we agreed that our Roaring Meg fundraiser would be used to get the cost of a diabetes pump for Caoimhe and with the help of the Knitting Club, Bad Samaritans and Foyle Bikers clubs we were able to get the pump for Caoimhe.”

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