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Bike ace Jamie Hamilton earned all these trophies... but after his horrific crash at the TT, he can't remember winning any of them

By Staff Reporter

Injured TT rider Jamie Hamilton has vowed to get back on the track - despite a 170mph crash on the Isle of Man that's wiped out all his motorcycling memories.

The Ballyclare rider was airlifted to hospital suffering from serious head, arm and leg injuries after the high-speed smash on the island's Cronk-y-Voddy straight in June this year.

An eyewitness said the 24-year-old's bike "disintegrated in a fireball".

The accident has left Jamie with no memory of ever having ridden a motorcycle - or of any of his earlier racing triumphs.

"I don't remember racing at all ever," he said in an interview.

"I couldn't tell you where I've finished at any track over the past few years."

The bike ace - nicknamed 'The Hammer' - said his memory was slowly improving:

"Something comes back every day and I have a memory of something that happened two and a half weeks before my crash - but I don't remember ever sitting on a bike or riding it.

"Hopefully that comes back - because I feel the need at the minute that I want to get back on a bike."

"I know my arm and my leg will heal at some stage - but nobody can do an operation in your brain that can make you remember stuff."

He said: "I feel lucky to be here at the minute and to be able to tell a tale and here in the hospital the staff have been absolutely brilliant.

"I still have a long way to go in the recovery but I look forward to getting back on a motorbike."

The injured rider paid tribute to the memory of Dr John Hinds, the 'flying doctor' who was killed in a crash at a race meeting earlier this month,

"He helped me many times in the past," Jamie said.

Since his crash, Jamie's pals have contributed more than £16,000 to an online appeal to help the rider and his family during his recovery. Their target is to raise £20,000.

Jamie's mum Helen described the response to the GoFundMe appeal as "unbelievable".

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