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Bike fans' big day at Ulster Grand Prix

A couple who are nuts about motorbikes tied the knot on Friday before celebrating in the beer tent at the Ulster Grand Prix.

Billy Oliver and his new wife Babs have been together for 14 years after meeting at the company they both work for.

They wed at Lisburn Civic Centre before roaring off to celebrate on a massive trike.

Billy has had a fanatical interest in motorbikes and the annual circuit races since he was a teenager. His wife Babs, whose maiden name is Morrow and who is originally from Glasgow, is also a devotee of the powerful machines.

Billy has his own Honda Fireblade 1000cc road bike which he thoroughly enjoys riding.

Babs said: “We decided to get married the week of the Ulster Grand Prix because we thought our guests, all of whom we have met through the biking community, would enjoy it.

“We had a beautiful wedding in the civic centre and moved on to Deltoro restaurant in Lisburn where the team put on a superb meal.

“They even supplied us with a selection of cupcakes with motorbike insignia on them. A real treat.

“After that, the 17 guests with Billy and I went to the beer tent, or hospitality tent as we preferred to call it, at the Ulster Grand Prix.

“They had closed off a special area for us with tables all decorated with balloons and ribbons. It really was an excellent celebration.”

The newly-wed couple, both in their 40s, got their wedding photos taken on a trike with their bridesmaids and on the podium at the Grand Prix.

Billy added: “All of our guests are people we have met over the years in the biking community.

“Some of them have never been in Northern Ireland as they are all from the north of England.

“I wouldn’t miss the Grand Prix for all the diamonds in the world so we thought it would be fitting to combine the two events; our wedding and the big race.

“We were at the Grand Prix in full wedding attire for the photos and we couldn’t have been happier on how everything went.”

Billy and Babs got engaged at the Ulster Grand Prix 10 years ago so it was fitting to celebrate part of their wedding at the big bike event.

“I have been going to the Grand Prix for the past 24 years,” said Billy.

“Over the years Babs and I have met a lot of people.

“There is such great camaraderie within the biking community and we enjoy it.”

Billy and Babs will spend a few nights in a Hastings Hotel with vouchers they received as wedding presents from friends.

They will later have a celebration in Babs’ native Scottish city of Glasgow before looking at honeymoon options. “If we had invited the Scottish clan to the wedding we would have needed every hotel in Belfast to accommodate them,” Billy joked.

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