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Bike-riding thief on crime spree 'under threat from drug dealers'

By Alan Erwin

A bicycle-riding thief who took thousands of pounds worth of goods from retailers in Belfast has been jailed for six months.

Jordan Boyd also made dozens of fraudulent purchases using bank cards stolen from two women at a party.

His lawyer claimed he carried out the three-month crime spree under threat from drug dealers to whom he owed money.

But sending the 23-year-old to prison, District Judge Liam McNally told him: "I have no doubt that then descended into a matter of pure greed on your part."

Boyd, of Willowfield Street in the city, targeted branches of Boots pharmacist, filling stations, convenience stores and Marks & Spencer at Forestside.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard he carried out shoplifting on 13 separate days between April and July this year. He stole more than £2,000 worth of cosmetics, and also took large quantities of meat products, detergents and fabric softener.

On one occasion he was stopped with 24 packets of cheese. Prosecutors said he was repeatedly identified on CCTV footage, often viewed leaving the targeted stores on a bicycle.

Boyd also stole bank cards from two women who attended a party with him in May.

Within a two-hour period the next morning the victims' cards had been used to make a total of 26 transactions, all under £30.

Following his arrest Boyd told police the cards had been dumped in a sewer. He claimed to have taken them to "buy fags and make a few quid", the court heard.

Boyd pleaded guilty to multiple counts of theft, fraud by false representation, going equipped for theft, handling stolen goods and attempted theft.

Defence counsel Richard McConkey said: "The only explanation for this is this man accumulated a very significant debt to drug dealers for substance misuse and he was under threat."

Acknowledging Boyd's admissions, Judge McNally ordered him to serve a total of six months behind bars for the crime spree.

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