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Billy McManus: 'Police told me not to go in... I'm so glad they did'


Billy McManus
Billy McManus

Billy McManus ran as fast as he could to Sean Graham's bookies on the Ormeau Road after his boss told him something had happened on the premises.

There were ambulances and police outside. His uncle Jim was slumped on the pavement with blood pumping from his stomach where he'd been shot.

Billy said: "I went to go inside but a man I now believe was an undercover police officer told me not to. I am so glad he did. A uniformed policeman was being sick by the side of the road."

Billy's father Willie was inside the bookies.

When a friend told the then 22-year-old that his dad had been killed, he let out a haunting scream which was captured by TV crews.

Five people were killed and seven injured in the UDA attack in February 1992. It was revealed four months ago that the PSNI hadn't disclosed "significant, sensitive information" about the massacre to the Police Ombudsman.

The families believe there was collusion and expect the ombudsman's report to be published next year.

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