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Bishop’s appeal for random acts of kindness

The Church of Ireland Bishop of Derry Ken Good has called on people to perform “random acts of kindness” in a time of great economic hardship.

The bishop said a spirit of generosity was becoming increasingly evident during the current period of financial woes.

In his Christmas address, Bishop Good said that he was convinced the best of human nature was shining through during a difficult time of financial pressures and plunging temperatures.

He was speaking after a stranger in a 4x4 came to his aid when his car became stranded in the snow recently.

Bishop Good said: “As we attached the tow-rope to my car, the good Samaritan mused about his disillusionment with what he perceives to be an increasingly selfish approach to life these days.

“He expressed a concern that, through the recent years of prosperity, people seem more self-absorbed than was the case in our less prosperous past.

“Since our conversation in the snow I have been reflecting on what he said. Overall, I'm not quite convinced that he is right.

“In times when financial pressures are greater, when the weather is colder and when needs are more keenly felt, I feel confident that there is even greater evidence than usual of people's willingness to show good-neighbourliness, generosity and self-giving.

“In wishing you a happy Christmas, I am wishing also that we may all be inspired to share and to give with generous hearts.”

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