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Black Institution presents £90k to Ugandan hospital

by Fiona Rutherford

The Royal Black Institution has made a huge donation of £90,000 to the African hospital founded by former Bangor doctor Ian Clarke.

Kiwoko Hospital is a community based facility of 245 beds in the Luwero area of Uganda and was chosen by the Institution to benefit from fund-raising over the past year.

Dr. Clarke opened the hospital in 1988 and became the only doctor to tens of thousands of people in an area, half the size of Northern Ireland.

He and his wife have raised a family in Uganda, with three of their own children and 10 Ugandan children they informally adopted.

Dr. Clarke, his family and other people from Northern Ireland helped to build up the hospital over many years to help the local population.

Last year, 1500 HIV cases were treated at the hospital. Uganda has 2000 doctors to serve a population of 30 million, one third of whom regularly go without food.

Sovereign Grand Master, Millar Farr, said: “The Kiwoko Hospital is a wonderful example of how Christian people can help the health of a nation. The work being done there is literally life-saving.

“There are very obvious links with Northern Ireland and I am delighted that it was chosen as our charity for the past year.

“We were thrilled with the response to our charity appeal and we are sure that the donation will greatly enhance the life of people using the hospital.”

As part of the Institution’s ongoing commitment to Christian and charitable outreach, a party of 17 volunteers will go to Kiwoko in August to provide practical as well as financial support for the hospital’s work.

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