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Black Santa sets £200k target for big sit-out

Black Santa starts his 36th annual collection outside St Anne's Cathedral tomorrow in a bid to raise £200,000 for charity.

The Church of Ireland Dean of Belfast, the Very Reverend John Mann, will be assisted by senior colleagues from the Belfast cathedral during the daily sit-out until the evening of Christmas Eve, with the exception of Sundays.

Dean Mann said: “I am very much aware that these are difficult times for everyone, but charities, too, are facing financial difficulties. Any donation, however small, is very much appreciated.”

During the past year the Dean visited several local projects which were helped by last year's Donegall Street sit-out.

“I saw at first hand the wonderful work local charities are doing, and the huge number of volunteers giving up their time and energy to help others,” he said.

In November the Dean visited India to see the work of Christian Aid, which receives 15% of the proceeds of the sit-out appeal. The other 85% is distributed to charities in Northern Ireland.

Following his trip he said: “Through Christian Aid the money is being put into the hands of people who know what do in local communities.

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