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Black Widow killer sets up love nest on prison day release

By Nevin Farrell

'Black Widow' Julie McGinley - who murdered her husband 15 years ago - is planning a new life with a former BBC producer who has fallen for the killer.

Enniskillen mum-of-two McGinley (44) is currently serving a life sentence after husband Gerry was beaten to death.

But she is on phased release scheme from her cell in Hydebank's Ash House, and has been spotted out shopping at Tesco with her new lover.

She was snapped as she pushed a supermarket trolley beside her new partner, a top local TV producer, according to Sunday Life.

McGinley has her own car parked outside prison ready to head off to the love nest she has set up with the ex-BBC man who fell for her while he researched her life behind bars.

Former prostitute McGinley was convicted in 2002 of murder and has been serving a minimum 15-year sentence for killing her husband. He was bludgeoned to death by his wife's then lover Michael Monaghan at the McGinley home in Coa, Co Fermanagh, in August 2000.

Afterwards, Gerry's body was dumped in woodland across the border at Ballinamore, Co Leitrim, and only found in June 2001.

Now McGinley has been spotted strolling in sandals and skinny jeans with her new fiance, who is thought to be in his 60s, at a Tesco store in east Belfast.

McGinley has also been spotted outside her partner's east Belfast home where overnight bags were being packed. Sunday Life reported that when they called to the love nest, McGinley's boyfriend, who has not been named for legal reasons, told them to "go away" as McGinley watched from an upstairs window.

A prison source said: "She (McGinley) still spends a number of nights per week in Hydebank before spending all weekend and other occasions at her lover's home. She is smitten with him."

She is expected to be granted her full life licence next year. It is understood that when fully freed she will move in with her lover.

McGinley's murder plot to kill her husband started in the summer of 1999 when she took out a £310,000 life insurance policy on him.

In June 2000 she and Monaghan approached a would-be killer-for-hire and paid him around £4,000 as a deposit to murder Gerry McGinley.

Monaghan and McGinley were unable to raise the rest of the cash and decided to carry out the murder themselves.

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