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Blind Bangor man's pet parrot 'stolen to order' - can you help find it?

Missing: Flake the pet parrot
Missing: Flake the pet parrot

By Mark Bain

A blind Bangor man has been left distraught after losing his constant companion - a pet parrot.

David Hamley (33) believes his beloved bird, called Flake, could have been stolen to order after it disappeared some time between Sunday night and Monday morning.

The distinctive bird would be well recognised around the Balloo Road area of Bangor as David and his guide dog took regular walks around the streets with the parrot perched on his shoulder.

"The house has been as quiet as a morgue these last couple of days," said David.

"He can say a lot of words and most of the time his was the only voice in the bungalow.

"I live beside the car wash on Balloo Road and everyone round here knows me and knows the bird.

"He's been a constant companion for the past nine years. He's loyal and affectionate and has never been away from me."

Flake is very distinctive and David fears he is likely to have been taken by a collector or stolen to order.

"He has had his wings clipped so if he flew somewhere he wouldn't be very far away. But for the past few days I've heard nothing," he explained.

"As he was a real friend to me I'm desperate to have him back home. There's only me and my guide dog left here now and it's left a big hole in my life."

The parrot is an African Red, bright green in colour with a red head.

"The support around the town since Flake disappeared has been brilliant and I know a lot of people are looking out for him," David added.

"But he's so easy to spot I'm sure someone would have noticed him if he was around the local area."

Police confirmed they received a report that a parrot had been lost in the Balloo Road area of Bangor around 7.55am on Monday.

"The bird, described as a Red-lored parrot, was reported as being last seen the previous day, Sunday April 8," the PSNI said.

"The caller was advised that the details of his call would be logged, in the event of a 'found' report being made to police."

If anyone can help David locate his parrot, they can call him on 07398 726767 or contact the PSNI.

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