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Blind to his failings, Gerry Adams keeps truth at arm's length

By Suzanna Breen

Gerry Adams is rapidly losing touch with reality.

He must never look in the political mirror and nobody in Sinn Fein has the nerve to hold it up to him.

He accuses this newspaper of wronging him in our comments about his court performance at the first trial of his paedophile brother Liam.

Bizarrely, he wrote his letter complaining that the Belfast Telegraph article was "deeply offensive" on the very same day he made his outrageous comments that RUC officers Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan contributed to their own deaths by a "laissez-faire" attitude to security.

Gerry Adams tells us he did nothing wrong in his paedophile brother's case; that he co-operated fully with the police, gave strong evidence in court, and was a loving and supportive uncle to Aine.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The facts are that for nine years Gerry Adams didn't tell police his brother had confessed child abuse to him.

When he eventually did so in October 2009 it was one month before he was due to be interviewed about the matter for a TV programme.

The facts are that when Gerry Adams claimed to be "estranged" from his paedophile brother for 15 years, he was very much part of his personal and political life.

They canvassed, socialised and even lived together in the Sinn Fein president's west Belfast home.

He is blind to his own failings. And he has surrounded himself with so many 'yes' men and women during his 30-year reign in Sinn Fein that there is no-one to bring him back to reality.

It is only he who can't see that.

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